Home of the Combat Unicorn

What to say because the title Combat Unicorn doesn’t say enough?! For starters I try not to take life too seriously. Ya sometimes you have to adult but I try to avoid that as much as possible. I’m a single father to an autistic 15 year old son. My jewelry making is my full time job after taking care of him. While I do not mention his autism for sympathy, because he is a happy young man learning to navigate life with some unique differences, Its something I feel strongly about that autism be understood and not labeled a disability. He’s not disabled, his brain is amazing and his intelligence exceeds mine at times. I look at it as learning different computer languages, I am learning to understand his code and help him understand the code which is more common to daily living. One language isn’t better than another they’re just different.

So why did I start this Adventure you ask? Because I like to make unique products, pretty simple and straight forward. I saw an item in my daily life when I was working in the firearms industry that I felt could be re-purposed and make a statement. To some it may be cheap, to others expensive, but you can’t deny it’s unique. I also think it’s a great way to show off your love and passion for firearms and your second amendment. If you so choose you could even link up your bracelet with live ammo just to have more as a backup! I honestly wouldn’t recommend this as a good way to carry backup ammo lol it would take forever to unlink should you actually need it but still something you can do if you wish. I have also expanded my jewelry making in to lapidary which will pop up on this site while I build another site more geared towards that area of life